Wednesday, 16 November 2011

RAJWADA...raibagchi shaan.

The palace built in Raibag is of His Highness Shahu Maharaj of Kolhapur.It was his summer palace and Raibag was one of the hill stations.
The palace is situated to south of raibag town.The Palace has a beautiful vast view of the remains of the dense forest. 
mahadev devalay
There is a Mahadev temple still in good condition and a pond which has water all  year round except summer. 
There is a Beerdev temple at the entrance. 
 The upkeep of the palace is neglected in my opinion and is closed for visitors since many years. 
I hope that this palace will be in limelight some day and will illustrate the rich history of Raibag.


  1. Saw this Rajwada, when we were in India. Really a beautiful place. Nice photos by the way. You are right. This palace is neglected and the watchman even refused to open the doors of this beautiful palace. We could see only some photos of maharaja... We came to know from him that all the belongings of this palace are kept in Kolhapur museum.

    Nice photos by the way.

    -Jayashri Patil & Balappa Bhairnatti.
    Cologne, Germany

  2. is it available to see the Palace now